1. Making a Reservation
It will be accepted for two(2) months after seven(7) days from your application.

2. Detailed Planning by E-mail
An e-mail to confirm the details of your reservation will be sent to you on the next business day (in 2 business days when the restaurant is closed on the next business day). Please provide an e-mail address which you can check easily.
Please resubmit the reservation form if no response is sent to you by the next business day.

* Note
Reservations are completed only after we send you the confirmation e-mail.
If you wish to change or cancel your reservation after confirmation, please contact us at


Location:Required Main Restaurant Susukino Ginza
Date Desired:Required
Time Desired: hh mm
Menu:Required Course A (Only served at Susukino restaurant)
Course B (not served at Ginza restaurant)
Our Recommends
OKONOMI-SUSHI(Served piece by piece upon your request)
Other than those above will be an optional extra
Number of Guests:Required Adults Children Child's age years old People in Total
・About number of people
We cannot prepare seats for people who are not eating.
Telephone Number:Required
E-mail Address:Required
For Confirmation:Required
Deposit: 10,000 Yen per person
1. Payment is available only by credit card.
2. After the reservation has been fixed, payment of deposit will be made.
3. Entire amount of the deposit will be refunded if cancellation is made until 3days before your visit.

* If you have some optional extra, please fill out “Special Requests” below.
  Reason why we ask for deposit
Purpose: Dining Business Reception Personal Banquet
Special Requests:

Personal Information Protection Policy
We will collect personal information from our customers only for processing reservations and answering inquiries. We will not use any personal information for any other purpose without explicit consent of the provider.

Automatic Reply E-mail
An automatic reply e-mail will be sent to your e-mail account once data has been submitted correctly. The reply e-mail may not be sent to your e-mail account if your e-mail address is entered incorrectly or if there is an error with your reservation application.
Please resubmit the reservation form and report any such irregularity.

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